Eye tracking research points out 7 aspects to take into account in web design

Eye tracking research

  1. Text attracts attention before graphics. Indeed the first thing people notice in websites is not the images but the words. People will come to a site looking for information and not pictures. Their first need when they land to a page is for orientation. “Am I in the right place”. They will orient themselves through words rather than images.
  2. Initial eye movement focuses on the upper left corner of the page. It shouldn’t be surprising. We have all had at least 12 years of education in which all of our reading is done from the left upper corner of a document. This is a deeply ingrained habit.
  3. Users initially look at the top left and upper portion of the page before moving down and to the right.
    Users usually scan rather than read the page. They will get the whole page at a glance: first the upper left corner, and then down and to the right. These are the positions for the most important information
  4. Readers ignore banners. Ads may be the bread and butter of a site, but the research shows that visitors looks at them only for a fraction of a second at most. If one wants their banner ads to stand out, they need to make them distinctive, engaging, intriguing to say the least. They will have to captivate visitors’ peripheral vision
  5. Fancy formatting and fonts are ignored. Why? Visitors immediately assume that this is advertising. The fancier the fonts, the more the visitors assume that the page is an advertising “cover up”. It is better to keep a website simple, even streamlined.
  6. Type size influences viewing behavior. Indeed, the size of the fonts influence the way visitors read the text. The bigger fonts encourage scanning rather than reading the page. Larger fonts make visitors treat it as “subtitle” text to be scanned. Smaller fonts increase reader focus..
  7. Shorter paragraphs perform better than long ones. Information on your page should be designed for the short attention span of most Internet users. Even one has a lot of information to put forward, it is still important to structure it in small paragraphs

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