Focus Groups

  • The focus group process is irreplacable in providing rich insight, multiplied by the group interaction, and offering clients the chance to “join the discussion” via the two way mirror.
  • At MindSearch our expertise lies in being able to see above and beyond the group ariculations. It is true that people in focus groups do not always mean what they say and they may never say what they really mean.
  • The usefulness of the focus group process lies in the ability to go beyond what is rationally articulated into what is unconsciously experienced, often unawares of the person.
  • One important truth about market research is that people respond “from the mind” but they buy “from the heart” and this is a research challenge we welcome and tackle with pleasure and acuity.

Στην MindSearch:

  • ΨΑΧΝΟΥΜΕ πως νιώθουν, αισθάνονται και επικοινωνούν οι άνθρωποι.
  • Κατανοούμε τι υπάρχει πέρα ​​από αυτό που οι άνθρωποι είναι σε θέση να διατυπώσουν και να εκφράσουν συνειδητά.
  • ΠΡΟΒΛΕΠΟΥΜΕ τις αλλαγές στη συμπεριφορά των καταναλωτών, τις πεποιθήσεις και τα κίνητρα.
Οι μεθοδολογίες μας περιλαμβάνουν:
  • Focus groups
  • In depth interviews, one on ones, dyads, triads
  • Experience simulations
  • Environmental immersions
  • Creative consumer groups
  • Ethnographic observations
  • Trend watching and trend analysis
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