The People

Agnes Alice Mariakaki, Lead Research Strategist

She has a background in Organizational Psychology and Cultural Anthropology and has been conducting qualitative research since 1989. She has studied Applied Mythology at the Institute of Applied Behavioral Technologies, Princeton, and Non Verbal Communication at the Paul Ekman Emotional Intelligence Academy, UK. She is a certified Lego™ Serious Play™ and a licensed NLP Trainer and Coach with the International Society of NLP, and Richard Bandler. 

Agnes has worked for over 350 brands, in over 50 categories. 
She has conducted more than 4000 focus groups and has supervised qualitative research in Greece, USA, UK, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, India among other countries.

Her constant focus: 

  • Inspired, out of the box thinking
  • Creating solutions that make a difference
  • Working with integrity that serves both clients and people
  • Striving for a better world by striving to become better, day by day

We generate information for successful decision making, via making sense of chaotic human systems: individuals, groups, communities.

At MindSearch:

  • We EXPLORE how people think, feel, act and connect.
  • We UNDERSTAND what lies beyond what people are able to articulate and consciously express.
  • We ANTICIPATE consumer shifts in attitudes, belief systems and motives. We anticipate and project how people can be impacted by brands that have a resonant story to tell.
Our research methodologies include:
  • Focus groups
  • In depth interviews, one on ones, dyads, triads
  • Experience simulations
  • Environmental immersions
  • Creative consumer groups
  • Ethnographic observations
  • Trend watching and trend analysis
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