Can people be figured out?

Can people be figured out?In the human species nothing happens by accident. When you see people doing something, there is always a reason why, a purpose and an intention behind it. We humans enjoy the gift of consciousness, and therefore of intentional behavior.

And our intentional behavior comes from three structures:

The biological imperative: the way we are made, our biology. The way our body works and influences our emotion and our thinking.

The cultural archetype: the way we are brought up, the training we receive in the family, at school, within the culture we grow up in.

Our own personal script: our unique, distinctive, personal blueprint. The combination of parameters that make us so totally different from any body else.

What creates issues in people is the disconnect between these 3 structures. When there is a disconnect between people’s biological foundation and their cultural paradigm, then people are unhappy. Very often this unhappiness is appeased through the plain and simple act of consuming. Behind each purchasing act, other than sustenance, lies the ever lurking need to appease this inner disconnect.


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We generate information for successful decision making, via making sense of chaotic human systems: individuals, groups, communities.

At MindSearch:

  • We EXPLORE how people think, feel, act and connect.
  • We UNDERSTAND what lies beyond what people are able to articulate and consciously express.
  • We ANTICIPATE consumer shifts in attitudes, belief systems and motives. We anticipate and project how people can be impacted by brands that have a resonant story to tell.
Our research methodologies include:
  • Focus groups
  • In depth interviews, one on ones, dyads, triads
  • Experience simulations
  • Environmental immersions
  • Creative consumer groups
  • Ethnographic observations
  • Trend watching and trend analysis
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