The team

Agnes Mariakaki, Consumer Psychologist, CEO

People excite me. I am a permanent student of the human condition, and an enthusiastic researcher of the as yet unknown. Curiosity about people and cultures drives me. “What works” is what I am committed to uncompromisingly. This is what has driven me to study Psychology, Anthropology, Non Verbal Communication, Semiotics.

I have spent the last 35 years exploring people and their relationship with over 300 brands, across 3 continents and 15 countries. Not just being a researcher but being a student at the same time. I enjoy adding new expertise to my research toolkit. I have been certified in Design Thinking, Lego Serious Play, NLP, and Art Therapy.

The pandemic was yet one more opportunity for exploration, and gave me the chance to explore and understand social voice and impact. I am currently the most prominent social influence in psychology in Greece, running top channels across all social media, and authoring a best selling psychology book.

Google awardee: 2026, for the app Questory

Member of ESOMAR

Member of the Women in Business Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce

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Charis Kominatou, Engineer, Client Service Director

I love figuring out the unexpected. I enjoy making sense of diverse and unique aspects of life.

This is because I am an engineer, passionate about making things work, while at the same time I am also a pianist, a follower of harmony, beauty and art.

For the past 20 years research has won me over and I have focused on its impeccable execution and efficiency.

I bring in my talent and expertise in:

  • Design Thinking
  • NLP Mastery
  • Tableau Analytics
  • GDPR management
  • Netnography and online communities
  • Virtual focus group facilitation

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